Spirit for Spirit Bears

Founded by Cole Matthews (project by Anugraha Awasthi)

Our Foundation

This foundation takes people on a tour to the Spirit Bear’s habitat, and teaches people what they are doing to the environment as well as how they can stop it. It also sells eco-friendly goods that can replace ordinary goods, which can sometimes cause air pollution, water pollution, and contribute to acid rain. People will find out how they can live their lives in a way better for them and for their surroundings. Since all these animals have been endangered by humans, the tourists will learn what they have been missing out on, and they’ll realize just how bad it is to pollute everything.

Our goal

The program’s main goal is awareness. People need to be aware that the environment around them needs their help, and they need to accept the fact that if they keep polluting, all the wildlife will die. They really don’t care, and that needs to change. The tour is meant to convince them to switch to eco-friendly goods as well, as it sells them at bargain prices.

About the founder

The founder of our organization is Cole Matthews, who used to be a juvenile delinquent who had a horrible attitude. After his latest crime, a kid called Peter Driscal told the police about it, and Cole got so mad that he beat Peter up, until he was bleeding. For this beating, Cole would have been sent to jail, but got the opportunity to receive a better sentence with a program called Circle Justice. He decided to fake feeling sincere so that he could avoid jail. However, when Cole got on the island, he tried to attack a Spirit Bear, who mauled him ferociously. During the time Cole stayed on the ground, too injured to even move an arm, he had witnessed all of nature and its true beauty. Since then, he has changed drastically, and has become a much better person. He remembered thinking, “The world was beautiful… Even the wet moss and crushed grass near his hand was beautiful… He wondered why he had never noticed this before. How much beauty had he missed in his lifetime?” (97). Cole has really changed, and now he wants to help endangered animals, and the Earth itself.

Our foundation's roots

The root of our program is all about being eco-friendly. We use state of the art tour buses which run on ethanol, and we encourage people not to use things that waste too much energy, such as hair dryers, computers, and cell phones. We also sell replacements for those tools that use less energy, such as eco-friendly tv’s, laptops, and even tablets. For us, the environment is the most important part of our foundation. We can’t lose it.

Our inspiration

The Spirit Bear is so important to Cole because it was the one that mauled him, but it also was the one that made him realize how he was wrong about nature, how he was wrong about the world. Cole remembers thinking, “How much beauty had he missed in his lifetime? How much beauty had he destroyed?” (97.) As he saw all the nature he had missed, Cole was truly inspired to create our foundation.

Cole firmly believes in truth, and honesty as well. Ever since his attack, he has learned not to lie, and wants to speak from truth. He may not have proof, but he realizes that’s only because he used to lie so much. Being truthful also inspired him to find the good out of people that come here and to help them find goodness in themselves.

Through all of this, Cole has turned out to be much more mature, and even more happy as a person. The Spirit Bear has taught him how to see the positivity in life, and how to respect nature, and his surroundings. As the leader of this foundation, Cole also wants to change others to make them happy and more calm. He used to be a very negative, angry person that always hurt people and annoyed them, but now he has changed. Cole has learned to control anger, and become a much more positive person, making him a great leader, and a great person overall.