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Student Council by Peter Sillitto

Recently at Hillside Elementary, students were elected to represent their classes on the Student Council. In every class, 3 students were chosen as class represntatives. Soon after the teachers tallied the votes, the winners were announced. They had their first meeting in the media center, with parents attending.

Student council has many projects in the works. One major project will be making bags for foster kids. This way they will have something to carry their beloingings in when they move into a new house. They are also doing many recycling projects in the community, and in the school. Throughout the school, members have hung apples to show what items can be recycled.

The most recent service project was a Winter Drive. The goal of the drive was to collect mittens, socks, coats and blankets to donate to North Fulton Charities. Student Council Members promoted the drive with posters and making announcements on WDOG. To make it more exciting, a contest between the grade levels was announced! Our school donated over 600 items to North Fulton Charities. The winner of the grade level challange was 5th grade. They brought in 223 items and won a popcorn party!

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Innovative Scheduling by Brooke Byas

At the end of last school year,the teachers voted and decided that the students should switch classes. The teachers thought that this new schedule would help them stay organized by only teaching one subject. The teachers chose from these three subjects: English/Language Arts, Math or Science & Social Studies. Before leaving for the Summer Break, the whole school was rearranged to get ready for our Innovative Schedule.

When school started this year, the students had to get used to the new set up. Kindergarten, First grade and Second grade would now be on the A Hall. Third, Fourth and Fifth grades would now be on the B Hall. A system was set up so students could move from one classroom to the next without too much difficulty.

The Husky Tales Staff wanted to know what the students thought of this new schedule. So we came up with a student survey for third, fourth and fifth grade students to answer. The survey asked if the students felt the Innovative Schedule was making Hillside better. The students could either agree, disagree or say they did not know. The results are represented in the graph below.

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Science Day by Jake Willbanks

Science day was on Friday Nov 7, 2014. Science day was a big success like always. Each year, the Egg Drop is very exciting for the Fifth Graders. Each team has to create a protective carrier for their egg, then they get dropped from a fire truck. First the eggs went up to 25 feet in air, than 50 feet in the air, than finally 75 feet in the air. The eggs that survived the 75 foot fall were the winners. But Fifth Grade didn't have all the fun, every grade did their own fun science experiments. Another great experiement was the Bungie Barbie. For this experiement, you use rubber bands to try and keep Barbie from getting dropped into a bucket of water. All the students had a great day and learned a lot!