Vikan News

Vikan Knights, ARMOR Up!

Important To-Know and To-Do Information

Dear Knights,

We are very excited to have completed our very first week. This week has been absolutely fantastic. One of the biggest concerns I had starting the year is the fact the our Knights have not attended school in a traditional way for more than 1.5 years. We knew that there would be conflict and that our Knights would struggle with communication, collaboration, interactions, routines, etc. While I do think we did a lot better than I thought, there is still a lot of work. Many of our Knights are struggling to remember how to appropriately address each other and interact with each other. This next few weeks we will be making sure that our structures and supports are in place to help them re-learn some of this skills. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any concerns.

We wish you and our Knights a fantastic weekend. Thank you!

Principal Velez

To Do:

  • If your Knight is playing football or volleyball, please make sure to turn in all forms ASAP. Students must have an updated physical in order to qualify.

To Know:

  • Our Front Office is now opened from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything you need from us.
  • Read below to make sure you are clear on expectations regarding drop off and pick up.

Drop Off & Pick Plan at Vikan from Officer Covarrubias

The following are photos and guidance for a proposed parking plan to help improve traffic flow during drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. Please, review the suggested directional plans and photos for more.

The 2021-2022 school year is in full swing and we are experiencing a higher traffic volume than what we have had in past years. To help us keep students, staff and our community safe we are asking everyone to review this information and do their best to adhere to it. As a reminder Vikan MS and Brighton HS start and end at similar times. This makes for about 2,500 people attempting to navigate through the area two times a day. We ask that you please be patient and drive through these areas safely & carefully.

Things to Remember

Always drive the speed limit and be cautious of pedestrian traffic. Always allow pedestrians to get completely out of the roadway prior to proceeding into an intersection. If a crossing guard is present in an intersection, allow them to get completely out of the intersection and back onto the sidewalk prior to proceeding into the intersection.

The picture below is an overall view of VMS’ campus and parking areas.

Big picture

8th Grade

The photo below is a closer view of the suggested location where 8th grade students should be dropped off and picked up. This is a dirt lot located across the street from VMS. Please note there are multiple options to enter and exit from this lot.

This lot can be accessed from Jessup St and from Voiles St. There is a designated “hug and go” lane in this area that can also be used if you chose to. Please see photo below for more information.

Big picture

7th Grade

Photo number three is a closer view of the suggested location where 7th grade students should be dropped off and picked up. This area is along the shoulder of northbound South 8th Ave. See the yellow highlighted areas in photo number three. Please do not block the entry and exit to the staff parking lot. These are marked on photo number three by a red “X”. Keep in mind you can also use the dirt lot on the north side of the building.

Big picture

6th Grade

Photo number four is a closer view of the suggested location where 6th grade students should be dropped off and picked up. This is a dirt lot located on the north side VMS. There is only one entrance to this lot and it is off Southern St. The driveway is plenty wide enough to allow entry and exit at the same time, please drive carefully. We suggest you treat this area as a cul-de-sac. Please turn right as you enter the lot and follow the direction in photo number four.

Southern St. can also be used for drop off and pick up. Be sure to pull over to the side of the roadway when dropping off or picking up in this area.

Big picture