Maddy Illikainen hr.2

Push and Pull Factors

Push: Somalia has a political situation.


Civil war in Somalia

Pull: Economics


Our Independence

Ravenstein's Law

Ravenstein's laws that apply to this immigrant group are economic reasons because there country is having a civil war right now and here in the U.S there are more opportunities and men are more likely to move to a new country because they are coming here to fine work and support their families.

Jobs and Locations

Immigrant live in Minneapolis, Marshall, St.Paul, Twin Cities, and Faribault. Some of the jobs that they do are advertisers, they are interpreters, chicken factories, and whatever jobs they want.

Issues 1

The women wear head dresses, so it could cause a problem with some schools and jobs, because some schools have uniforms that they have to wear, then they couldn't go to that school. If a Somalia women wanted to get a job as a lawyer or doctor that would cause problems if they still were wearing there hajabs.

Issue 2

They need to find away from school or work to take time and pray at least 5x a day. They are big on praying so they would need time to pray and not be interrupted. Another issue would be that they don't know English when they first come here and in Minnesota most people speak fluent English so we wouldn't know how to communicate with them.

Issue 3

They prohibit charging or paying interest, so that could be a problem buying larger items like cars, houses, etc. On every car or house or boat we buy there is always interest and you can't get around not paying it because then you would not have a house or a car etc.


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