Warren Middle School`s Activities

By:Erik Brown


Warren has an all-star robotics program whose purpose is to teach kids who like robotics how to use them properly. Also, while it may be difficult as everyone else seems like a genius and the teacher is never exact, it is fun and challenging, with lots of freedom and free time. If you want to join it is an elective class so it is available all day from 8:25 to 3:40.

Reading Club

Warren also has an amazing reading club for avid readers to get them back into reading more.It is: fun, relaxing; good for people who like to read as they get to meet people like them. However, it can be tedious and takes up a lot of time. It meets every Monday during lunch.

A.P. Classes

for students who are above average, Warren has A.P. classes which helps them get ahead of the curve; Its hard to get super-good grades and you`re split away from your friends, its fun, there are people like you, its also challenging, and its a good way to set yourself up.

Chess Club

The chess club`s purpose is to get more kids to play chess. it is:fun, challenging, and there are like people, you also learn to get better. However, you must deal with loss.