Trevon Stratford

English 9 4x4 Final Exam

Journal Reflection

My best journal was the one where we had to list five things that would make the world better.

Write 5-10 sentences explaining why it is your best journal.

This was my best journal because it gave me a chance to actually think about the better things for the world. It prepared me for the I have a dream essay and helped me understand more about Martin Luther King Jr. This prompt was very interesting to me because some of the things that i listed may happen in the next twenty years. The world will change eventually because new rules and restrictions can be made and put into play. Just like MLK made a change we all can make a change.

Dream Speech Revision

I have a dream that one day police will stop killing people and beating them for unnecessary things. We can all do this by protesting and getting people from every state to go against their county or state police. We can do this by doing illegal things because the police can’t put everybody in jail. It would cause chaos but at least nobody would be getting killed. I have a dream that one day I can have enough money to take care of my family. I will do this by getting a couple of degrees and train for some high paying jobs. I will need help from people from around the world in order to get to where I want to be. I have a dream that I will graduate with a 3.7 GPA. I cannot do this without the help from my teachers and the faith from my family. Even though I cannot do this alone I still need to find a strategy for my last two years. I have a dream to stop women from having abortions. To do this we need to provide programs for them to attend. Those programs will influence and encourage them not to get rid of a baby. It will teach them the meanings and values of a baby, the pros and cons. Some people say babies portray in devil like actions. We can stop this if you are all willing to help. I have a dream that police would free all my brothers. We can do this by just letting them go. We can protest and try to find evidence good enough to let them go. I will make these goals come to reality by protesting with no violence.

Student Choice Short Essay

What is worth fighting for?

Personally my family is worth fighting for. In my family all the boys soon to be men were brought up to be protectors for the females in the family. If a man or anybody else hurts one of the women in my family one of the men will go back and get revenge or try to stop whats happening. Most of the time we try to stay with them just incase they get snatched or hit brutally.

Note To Self: Semester Reflection

Dear Trevon, You did good all semester because you kept an A the entire time. My favorite part of this semester was when we read the most dangerous game. My least favorite part was the webquest activity. Sincerely, Trevon