Monday 6th

I used this for make my design cycle. First, I made investigation for my first section. I was spending almost all the class time.

I thought about some ideas about for design our DT lap.

Tuesday 7th

I researched about the classrooms' layouts. I tried to find the rooms that have useful tools at least.

Wednesday 8th - Tuesday 14th

I was keep working on my investigation section. After all, I finished

i started to make plan. I prepared to use Google-sketch for design. I researched on internet to know how to use this program.

Wednesday 15th

I will finish my plan and create section to spend 60 mins. last 30 mins, I will start to create.

Thursday 16th

I will keep working on the design(create) for 60 mins.

Last 30 mins, I will create a evaluation section.

Friday 17th

Add some more, and submit.