New Year Newsletter

STEM Edition

STEM Education

"Education today is dealing with a generation that changes. Every teacher is called to change, in the sense of knowing how to communicate with the young people before them"

- Pope Francis

How are teachers supposed to keep up with delivering a classic education, while still aiming to better prepare students to be career-ready in an ever-changing world around them?

At STS, teachers are introduced to cutting-edge technologies that they can use in their lessons to heighten engagement, and familiarize students with these technologies at a young age.

At STS, we are focused on getting your children ahead of the curve by not only delivering the finest education, but by exposing them to the most innovative resources available. With our upgraded STEM Lab, one-to-one devices for our middle school students, STEM Club, and now our virtual reality headsets, STS is fully committed to preparing your child for the future and whatever it may entail.





A New Reality at STS

The New Reality at STS!

It Was a Very Good Year

As we bid farewell to 2016, take time to reflect upon all of the blessings given to us in 2016, and the many blessings still to come our way in 2017. The thought of such blessings should gives us cause for excitement to enter 2017, and to enter St. Timothy School.

Happy New Year!