Alice Ma


I'm a 12th-grader from Killian Hill Christian School. I am currently captain of our debate team and a cheerleader. Go Cougars!

My favorite subjects in school are Math, Chemistry and Biology.

I am fascinated with living organisms, especially the chemical processes within them. Therefore, I want to major in Biochemistry, with a minor in French, since I wish to work, do medical researches, and live in France one day :)

My top schools would be University of Pennsylvania and UC Berkeley.

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My favorites...

If I could only do one thing in the world for the rest of my life, it would be reading. There is nothing more satisfactory than reading a nice Austen's classic with a hot cup of chocolate while it's raining outside X)

Beside reading, I also love horror movies, dinosaurs and "Law & Order: SVU" TV series.

GAVS Courses

Prior to AP Biology, I also took AP Chemistry and AP Statistics with GAVS in my junior year.

Applying to this course, I hope to broaden my knowledge and understanding of biology in an advanced learning environment, and also to satisfy my curiousness on living organisms and life itself.