Written Language

rank 1
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Magnetic Compass

rank 2
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Paper Making

rank 3
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Iron Plow

rank 4
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Smallpox Vaccine

rank 5
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I picked written language as the most important contribution because they needed a way to communicate in more than just a verbal way. This is useful because it helped in keeping more accurate records and it has helped people all over the world. I picked magnetic compass because it helped people who were lost and this technology now assists people who are lost and who hike for a sport. I assigned it rank 2 because it was very useful and is still useful today. I put paper making rank 3 because back then the best way to write things down was on paper. I also use paper every day in my life and for me it is very useful. The reason iron plow is 4th because i don't use it in my daily life but I recognize its importance back then and even now. Iron plows became vital in agriculture because they were able to plow a big area faster. The reason the smallpox vaccine is important is because this saved many peoples lives and vaccinations are still used today to protect from many diseases.