Mrs. Bushmaker

by Nathan Graetz

Experience at Coleman Elementary School

Mrs. Bushmaker has been teaching at Coleman Elementary school for twenty six years. The thing she likes the most about Coleman is that the teachers help out one another, and she likes helping out younger teachers.

Life outside School

In her free time, Mrs. Bushmaker likes biking, rollerblading, and sewing.

She and her husband Jim have two children: Wayne who is a pilot in Green Bay and LeeAnne who is a nursing student at Bellin College.

A Little Extra Information

What do you want to be remembered for?

Mrs. Bushmaker wants to be remembered for the Iditarod Dog Race every year in English, and down hill skiing with the Middle and High School.

What advice would you give students

Her advice for her students is that two wrongs don't make a right.

Who influenced your life the most?

Mrs. Bushmaker's grandmother Violet Humphrey was her greatest influence because she was a teacher. When Mrs. Bushmaker was In third grade, Violet wanted her to become a teacher too.