Vietcong handbook

How to become a soldier for the Vietcong


Most of you are going to get very a minimal amount of training (Basic training). For those who are going to be in the main forest, you guys will get about a month of training.

Tactics and strategies

We have the guerrilla warfare tactic that we will be taking on in war against the US. Another tactic that will be used against the US will be the hit-and-run ambush tactics as well as our knowledge of our jungle terrain. Pretending to be civilians also will help us take on the US by surprise.


Winning the war

We are going to do our best to win this war, nothing will guaranteed, but we will try. We will use our guerrilla warfare tactics combined with our knowledge of our jungle and our hit-and-run tactic to surprise the US and take them out. They might be sending in a lot more troops but if we fight smart and stay strong we may be able to win this.