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Cycle 1 Week 11

Hello my dear friends! It feels like we haven't seen each other in such a long time! My kiddos were very upset this morning when they woke up and realized it isn't a CC day! :) I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed time of Thanksgiving!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Rich family!! Their beautiful baby boy was born on November 23rd, Seth Malachi Rich weighed in at 9lbs 3oz. Christine sent an email with pictures of their newest precious gift, check it out - I guarantee you'll want to crawl into the email to snuggle him! (okay, okay, I know I have some serious baby fever...)

As I look forward to my goals for the coming year I've been reflecting on Hebrews 13:8. It's only a few words, but so profoundly life changing and awe inspiring. I wanted to share it with you below in the Word of Encouragement, I pray it will touch your heart as it has mine!

Director's Notes:

Don't Forget Your Tin Whistle - only 2 more weeks ;)

Student Presentation Changes - This is our last week of the demonstration presentations and the wonkie schedule. (yep, that's a real word!)

Essentials Parents - The last IEW Video of this semester is this Thursday! We'll watch during lunch and after Essentials. Thank you for having a plan for your children after Essentials. Please take a few minutes this week to reflect on your Essentials time with your student(s). We are going to take a few minutes for an activity and conversation. As we move into our Christmas break and the Spring semester, my goal is to hopefully encourage and re-energize you!

Please be in prayer over how you can serve our CC Community by helping with Info Meetings, Field Trips, Parties or Get-togethers, etc.

Word of Encouragement - Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.


Family Presentation: None

Foundations Clean-up: Maxwell Family

Playground Monitor: Mrs. Baillie

Art & Science: We will be studying Music Theory with Tin Whistles and Nature Study - focus on Plants. (Consider this Scripture tie in: Luke 19:40)

FOR SCIENCE: Please bring examples of the plants around your home for Science this week.

Presentation Suggestion: Skill: Gestures. Suggested Topic: Make or Do Something. ½ the class will present each week. Your child's tutor will have a schedule for their class. (for more info see weeks 8 & 9 on the schedule)

Five Ways to Give Thanks for One Thousand Gifts

A great article to help anyone begin the habit of giving thanks daily!


Essentials Clean-up: Jackson Family

EEL: Structure: Compound; Purpose: Declarative; Pattern: S-Vl-PA; Part(s) of Speech: Adjectives

Math: Speed Drills, Board Slam, Games

IEW: Past Perfect Verb Tense, Question Opener

Challenge B Discussions:

Week 11

Grammar Strand: Latin Vocabulary - Review Lesson 11

Exposition & Composition Strand: Invention Topic Relation

Research Strand: Science Fair

Rhetoric Strand: Formal Logic: Vocabulary & key concepts - Lessons 30-32

Debate Strand: Current Events: The issues surrounding laws for federal minimum wage

Logic Strand: Pre-Algebra discussion and working problems as a group

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Classical Conversations of Cottonwood's mission is to know God and make Him known. We use a classical approach to learning and a Christ centered world view to equip parents and encourage students in their own homeschool journey.