6 Teacher Optional Hours


We're taking Teacher Choice to New Levels!

Choose to do your six hours from:

  • district sponsored PD
  • Technology classes at CLIU
  • online courses offered from PDE SAS
  • Other pre-approved professional development opportunities that you discover (ie. Bucks-Lehigh EduSummit)!

district sponsored pd

Intro to the Daily 3

3 hours


Teachers will be introduced to the Daily 3 Math framework. Sign up on CPE Tracker

How to Create and Use Rubrics

3 hours


After reading portions of "How to Create and Use Rubrics for Formative Assessments and Grading," teachers will be able to create and seek out effective rubrics for teaching and learning. Sign up on CPE Tracker.

Digging into the Modules

3 hours

Explore the modules and begin to plan your instruction at a time that is convenient for you and/or your team. Follow the same directions for Summer Prep to enter these hours. Details can be found here.

The Daily 3-Next Steps

Implementing the Daily 3? Come collaborate with your colleagues to ramp up your DI strategies.

Comprehension Toolkit

Learn how to implement Comprehension Toolkit into your WIN classroom as well as how to transfer these research based strategies into your literacy instruction.

Words their Way

Learn how to use Words Their Way as part of your word study instruction. The instructor will also provide ways to manage this phonics based system in your classroom.
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Receive pre-approval from principal and complete the conference request form on pd.eastpennsd.org. Then sign up using the link below.

Optional Online Courses on PDE SAS

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  • Receive pre-approval from supervisor and complete a conference request form on pd.eastpennsd.org
  • Use the link below to access PDE SAS
  • Log in (upper right hand corner)
  • Click on "Teacher Tools"
  • Click on "PD Center" (bottom right box)
You can receive up to six hours to attend the summit on either August 9th or 10th. Please forward a copy of your event registration to Ashley Magliane. In order to receive the appropriate hours, you will need to submit an artifact/evidence from your learning using this form. Mileage and lunch are "on your own."