Secondary Math

September 2020


Delivering tens of thousands of textbooks is no small task. The warehouse is working hard to ensure you receive your student textbooks first, followed by teacher editions. Here are some details:

Student books

  • Student books consist of Volume 1 and Volume 2 for most subjects. Exception: Precalculus and Financial Literacy Math which are single volumes.
  • Only Volume 1 is needed for first semester.
  • MS: textbooks are consumable. This means that all students will have their own textbooks which they may write in.
  • HS: Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 books are paperback but not consumable. They are to be used as class sets. When teachers divide these books up, they might want to write a book number inside in permanent marker (for instance, H-01 for Hiner book 1). If a student wants a book while learning remotely, one can be signed out.
  • Algebra 1 course in MS: If a school has only one section of the course, students may write in the book, since new books will be sent out each year.
  • HS: Integrated Math II courses will be taught using the hardback books from last year. We also loaded Geometry and Algebra 1 digital books into the course so teachers can take advantage of the new Reveal platform if they wish. Note that we do not have additional print books for Algebra 1 and Geometry to use in Integrated Math II. Digital use would be required.
  • We will get a new supply of high school student books each year.

Number Worlds: These kits are to be used in the school when we return to buildings. Nothing should be signed out.

Teacher books

  • We have a very limited number of teacher editions. We will start sending them out after all student books have been received.
  • Precalculus: each building will receive one hard copy of the teacher edition. Note: the online book is in PDF form in the digital binder.
  • We are still working on the Financial Literacy Math TE and student books. However, digital access is working.


With the switch back to the traditional pathway for high school math, there are a couple changes for this year:

  • Integrated Math I has been replaced with Algebra 1.
  • Students may also take Algebra 1 - Part 1. This is a course where students take Algebra 1 over two years. Students receive one full math credit for each year.
  • Principals received a document that they could use to determine which students to schedule in one-year or two-year Algebra 1.
  • This will be the last year for Integrated Math II. Next year, it will be replaced with Geometry.
  • Geometry curriculum will be ready in October. A few high schools are planning to offer it second semester of this school year on block format.
  • Integrated Math III has been replaced by Algebra 2 this year. If anyone is scheduled to teach an Integrated Math III course, that needs to be switched over to Algebra 2 right away. Exception: Course 902030E is for students in self-contained classrooms.
  • Please see this guide for more information on math scheduling.

Courses in ConnectED Accounts

Most of the errors with ConnectED have been resolved. You should now actually see a textbook for each section you are assigned in Infinite Campus.

Old courses will appear in ConnectEd until Sept 16.

New Reveal courses appear on the right-side of the screen by clicking on or "Reveal Math". There may be a drop-down menu with school names. If so, select your current school.

Please note: It is imperative that your schedule be entered correctly in Infinite Campus. If not, your Clever and McGraw-Hill accounts will not be correct.

The next thing to do is rename your sections or Reveal Math to something that makes more sense to YOU. Please download the PDF below to find out how.

Clutter / Spam

Please check your Clutter folder in your email program. Some newsletters and district-wide emails may have gone to this folder. Please share this info with your colleagues, in case they did not receive this newsletter.

Curriculum Documents

Don't forget: our new Curriculum Documents can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Directly on our website at
  2. In the Digital Binder

Be sure to review the curriculum documents for Scope and Sequence, Clear Learning Targets, Textbook info, helpful websites, and more.

ALEKS info

ALEKS is not accessed through Clever. Instead, teachers and students login with their username and passwords at

We will be completing a bulk upload for the new school year somewhere around Sept 3 - 8.

Here is what that entails:

  • If you are a teacher who moved to a new building, you will get a new account
  • If you are new to the district, you will get an account
  • All courses will be created for you and students will be enrolled in them during this process

After this initial upload, teachers can move students into new Ohio and CCS aligned courses.

New this year: Many MS and HS courses have been created with objectives by chapter. Your ALEKS class will follow the Scope and Sequence as it appears in the Clear Learning Target. You can choose to set required dates of completion or leave all objectives open for students to progress from one to the next as he or she is ready to move on (recommended). Or, you can turn off the objectives and have the course work as normal.

For more ALEKS information, visit our guide here:

New: Reveal/ALEKS support page

We are working on a new CCS webpage for ALEKS and Reveal Math support. We plan to have videos, PD schedules and information, tips, etc. on this page. You can view the page (definitely a work in progress) on the Mathematics 6-12 page under Curriculum.

The direct link is:

Giving students their ALEKS info

How do you give students their login names and passwords when you will not physically see them in class? One suggestion: Download a class roster as an Excel document. Then, delete all columns except Login, Password, and ID. You can post this document to your Google classroom or send it to all students. They can look up their information by their ID#.

We are also going to try something new this year. We are going to add parent email fields to our bulk upload. Parents will then be emailed their child's login information.

Ask an Expert Series: Online Office Hours

Below, you will find opportunities to interact directly with a Curriculum Specialist who will be happy to serve as a guide for you, answering any questions that may arise as you engage in your important summer work. Please note that for some programs you will find ADMINISTRATOR and TEACHER focused sessions.

By clicking on each provided link, you will be taken directly into a Zoom meeting with a Specialist who will be ready to support you. When there, ask away! The time will be designed to meet your needs. Please note: The password for every Zoom meeting included below is MHE2020.

September 1, 2020 (3:15-3:45pm)

Administrator Session

September 3, 2020 (8:00-8:30am)

Teacher Session

McGraw Hill Ask an Expert – Reveal Teacher – September 3

September 8, 2020 (8:00-8:30am)

Teacher Session

September 10, 2020 (3:15-3:45pm)

Administrator Session

McGraw Hill Ask an Expert – Reveal Administrators – September 10

September 15, 2020 (3:15-3:45pm)

Administrator Session

September 17, 2020 (8:00-8:30am)

Teacher Session

McGraw Hill Ask an Expert – Reveal Teacher – September 17

September 22, 2020 (8:00-8:30am)

Teacher Session

September 24, 2020 (3:15-3:45pm)

Administrator Session

McGraw Hill Ask an Expert – Reveal Administrators – September 24

September 29, 2020 (3:15-3:45pm)

Administrator Session

October 1, 2020 (8:00-8:30am)

Teacher Session

McGraw Hill Ask an Expert – Reveal Teacher – October 1

Remote Learning Resources

Visit to find additional support including a library of free resources. McGraw Hill has compiled program how-to videos to support teachers, students and families successfully transition to the world of remote learning.


Open Learning Platform: Create a Teacher Account (video)

Open Learning Platform: Getting Started

Reveal Math Grades 6–12: Virtual Access Support (video)

Reveal Math Parent Login Support (video)


6–8 Digital Walkthrough Brochure (PDF)

Program Overview Grades 9–12 Integrated (PDF)

Program Overview Grades 9–12 Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2

Reveal Math 9–12 Digital Tour

Reveal Math Programs


Reveal Math Overview

Reveal Math Grades 9–12

Reveal Math Lesson Walkthrough (video)

Navigating the Teacher Account

Reveal Math

Reveal K–12 Digital Technical Support (video)

Reveal Math Reporting Dashboard Walkthrough (video)

Assigning and Grading

Open Learning Platform – Share Assignments to Google Classroom

Open Learning Platform – Add Files from Google Drive to McGraw-Hill Assignments

Open Learning Platform – How to Grade Assignments (PDF)

Open Learning Platform – Gradebook Overview (PDF)

Open Learning Platform – Create Assignments (PDF)

Open Learning Platform – Find and Edit Assessments (video)

Open Learning Platform – Create Test Questions (video)

Open Learning Platform – Create Assessments (video)

Open Learning Platform – Question Types Overview (PDF)

Reveal Math Assessment Walkthrough (video)

Reveal Math Resources

Open Learning Platform – Teacher Resources (video)

Reveal Math – ReadAnywhere App (PDF)

Open Learning Platform – Reports Overview (PDF)

Open Learning Platform – Manage Files (PDF)

Reveal Math Grades 6–12: Virtual Access Support (video)

Reveal Math Assessment Walkthrough (video)

Reveal Math Reporting Dashboard Walkthrough (video)

Reveal Math Instructional Model – Research Base (PDF)

Reveal Math Research Brochure (PDF)

Reveal Math Grades 6–8 Alignment Guide (PDF)

Learn more at or visit their YouTube channel to explore more resources.

Obtaining additional support

McGraw-Hill has created two Padlets to help with many issues regarding Reveal and ALEKS.

Padlet 1 Padlet 2

If prompted for a password, enter math

Another ALEKS Padlet contains grading and motivation ideas.

You can view videos of the past PD sessions for Reveal Math, ALEKS, and Number Worlds in our Digital Binder. The direct link can be found here.



Phone: 1-800-437-3715

Steve Hiner

Number Worlds support:

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