Wonderful seals

Anyea, Cassie, Justice

Seals Ecosystem

Today I am going to be talking about biotic and abiotic factors about seals in this paragraph. Seals abiotic factors are water, air, rocks, soil, and the sun. Seals biotic factors are fish, penguins, birds, squid, and krill.
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Food Chain

It's starts with the sun which is the energy for the kelp.Which is the producer for the fish to eat.And the fish is the herbivore for the and seals eat fish and seals are carnivores level 2 and the shark eats the seal.Then when the shark dies bacteria decomposes then the cycle starts all over again.

Food Web

The food web starts with kelp and what eats kelp is sea snail, jellyfish, shellfish, and fish. What eats crabs are humans, and jellyfish. Then what eats fish is seals, are main point, then what eats seals are, sharks, polar bears and killer whale. That is the seals food web.


In Asia and South Africa, thinks killing seals are illegal to there countries because, during mantatian season, female seals form large colonies on floating ice and give young birth. They lose there pelts and grow new fur every year, because of mantanian season.