Salem's Lot

Stephen King


Ben is the protagonist with "finely-drawn features" described by King. After his dad dies and his mom has a breakdown he moved in with his aunt in Salem's lot for 4 years. He is an established writer who's wife dies in a motorcycle accident where he was physically unharmed.

Theme and setting

The setting is important to the novel. The creepy setting adds suspense to the novel. It also hints the reader that something weird is going on this small New England town. The theme of belief plays a big part in improving the novel. The people who believed that the vampires were real and studied how to defend themselves against them were the ones who stayed alive. Mark Petrie is a great example of this theme, he knew that vampires can only come in your house if you invite them in. I would recommend this novel to anyone who asks. Its a great novel that makes you want to keep reading, it is the definition of a page turner. King does a great job of vividly describing what is happening in the novel. King put his thoughts on the paper perfectly.