Foot Cramps

By Mikey Kincaid

Whats going on when you have a foot cramp?

All muscles work in pairs, meaning in order for them to work properly, as one muscle contracts, the other relaxes to allow a movement. If one of them doesn't relax properly, a cramp happens.

Causes and Symptoms?


> Lack of vitamins and minerals

> Nerve Damage

> Dehydration

> Health Issues

> Lack of Exercise

> Muscle Tightness


> Sharp, intense pain

> Muscle may feel "knotted"


Some preventions are having a better diet, exercising your foot and calve muscles more, and taking vitamins.

Interesting Fact?

Leg cramps in the calves, feet, or toes affect approximately 1 in 4 people over the age of 60.


Fitness & Conditioning : What Are the Causes of Leg & Foot Cramps?