Fight Poverty by Staying in School

Group 4

If you stay in school, your job will be cool, and you won't end up in the poverty pool.

The Issue

In the United States, 44 million citizens are in poverty. This is about 15% of the American population. In Waco, the poverty rate is up to 30%. With a lack of education, there is a more likely chance of ending up in poverty. 33% of teenagers in Waco drop out of school for different reasons such as working to help provide for their families. Although these teenagers are making some money, they can't make enough money to support living expenses because the jobs they are able to work without a high school or college degree are low paying! This lack of education continues the cycle of poverty in Waco.

Our Goal Statement

We will encourage middle and high schoolers to stay in school. By fighting poverty with better and more education, we will help students get higher paying jobs and stay out of poverty.
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Group 4- Fight Poverty By Staying In School

Take Action

Individually: To reduce poverty, we can show our YouTube video to middle and high schoolers to teach what happens if you drop out of school.

Locally: Put "Stay in School" flyers around the community. If a student is struggling in school, we can encourage the student to get a tutor.

Nationally: Send a letter to the President asking him to share our video with all middle and high schoolers.

What We Learned

iEngage Summer Civics Institute- Group 4