Earth Interior

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Our Earth!


A layer of hot rock the Mantle is made of rock that is very hot, but solid. Scientists divide the mantle into layers based on the physical characteristics of those layers. Overall the mantle is nearly 3,000 kilometers thick.

Earth's Crust

The layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin. The crust is a layer of solid rock that includes both dry and the ocean floor. The main elements in the crust is oxygen and silicon. The crust is much thinner then the layer that lies beneath it. In most places, the crust is between 5 and 40 kilometers thick.It is thickest under high mountains where it can be as thick as 80 kilometers, and thinnest beneath the ocean.

The Earth's Core

Scientists thinks that movement in the liquid outer core create Earth's magnetic field. Because Earth has a magnetic field, the planet acts like a giant bar magnet. Earth's magnetic field affects the whole planet.

Earth's Interior

How do Geologists learn about Earth's Interior-Processes that affect Earth's surface are often a result of what's going on inside the Earth.But what's inside Earth? This question is very difficult to answer, because Geologists are unable to see deep inside Earth. But Geologists have found other methods to study the Earth's Interior.Geologists have used two main types of evidence to learn about Earth's Interior: direct evidence form rock samples and indirect evidence from seismic waves.


Seismic waves-Geologists record the Seismic waves and study how they travel through Earth.

Pressure-Results from a force pressing on an area.

Crust-The layer of rock that forms Earth's outer skin.

Basalt-Is a dark, fine-grained rock.

Granite-Is a rock that is usually light color and has coarse grains.

Mantle-A layer of hot rock.

Lithosphere-Earth's lithosphere averages about about 100 kilometers thick.

Asthenosphere-Is below the Lithosphere

Outer core-Is a layer of molten metal surrounding in Inner cor.

Inner core-Is a denses ball of solid metal.

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