Prenatal Development

Kaylyn Barber


- From 0 to 2 weeks

- The cells are dividing

- Egg implants into the uterus

- The amnion, placenta and umbilical cord are forming


- From 2 to 9 weeks

- The baby's internal organs are forming along with the vertebrae and spinal column

- The baby's limb buds are

- The eyes and ears are forming


- From 9 weeks to birth

- The baby's limbs, hands, feet, fingers and toes are forming

- You can begin to see the baby's facial features

- Lanugo, or peach fuzz, is growing

- The baby's eyebrows and eyelashes are growing

- The vernix, or waxy coating, is covering the baby's body for protection

- The baby is growing very rapidly during the end of your pregnancy

What should Mom do to to better ensure a healthy baby?

- Rest well and avoid too much stress

- Maintain a healthy diet

- Go to the doctor regularly

- Avoid alcohol

- Avoid smoking

Normal Symptoms mom may experience:

- Missed period

- Swollen/ tender breasts

- Fatigue

- Morning sickness

- Frequent urination