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The world with peace

The world with peace wouldn't have wars , and arguments . And people would help each other and all be friends. People wouldn't care about the race age or gender.

Children Helping To Find World Peace

Childrens help

You can help by respecting others. You should help people that need help. Also, send cards to people about peace. If you are angry at someone don't hurt them, because we are supposed to be good example to others.

Rights We Should All Have

We should all be respected from all of the world. We respect others. Doesn't matter where they come from. Every one can stand up for themselves. Be proud of your self. Don't be scared to ask for help. Make your own decisions. Go where you want to go.


That day was a big catastrophic cause so many people died in the buildings ,the pentagon, and in Pennsylvanian. I don't understand how could they let that happen! But what I understand is that what happen wont occur any more. But I think that they've made a difference. The UN is a organization that helps make peace for the world. They made 30 rights to make a peaceful world.

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