"Hey bats wake up", said joker. "where am I", said Batman. "You are at the old church tower and to make sure you don't try to leave I have tied you up."

Rising Action

"Bye bats see ya later", exclaimed joker. whoosh! SHATTER! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" yelled Batman. Batman had fallen from the top of the church tower and was falling but when he hit the ground it went splat but the wheel chair is the thing that had went splat. The pieces of the chair were every where. Batman stood up perfectly fine but when he had anylized his blood he had figured out that he could die. He contacted his butler Alfred Pennyworth who is worth way more than a penny.


He had told him that the only cure was in the icy cold dethps of freeze land. So batman called in the bat jet to quickly get over there after he got in range of the icy land he dove out and was falling... WHOOSH!! batman had started gliding luckily the wind ws pushing him towards freeze. he then had found freeze and a battle had gave way batman wanted had to find a way to distract freeze long enough to get the cure and he did he used the electro gun he had found in the lost and found at the police satation to fire a ball of electricity and it was a direct hit he had been K.O.ed.


Batman had found the cure there was actually two of them so he had alfred duplicate the second to send it to all the hospitals he took the cure and was saved.