About A Five Year Old

How your five year old will develop this year

Physical Characteristics?

  • Turns somersaults
  • Skips with alternating feet
  • Balance on each foot for short period

Fine motor skills

  • Draw a person with head, body, arms and legs
  • Print some letters
  • Buttons clothing
  • Copies a triangle and a square
  • Uses a spoon and fork to eat , but still uses fingers for some foods

Emotional Characteristics

  • Views himself/herself as a whole person, within a body, mind, feelings
  • eager to explore the outer world but may be fearful or unfamiliar people, places,experiences
  • emotionally impulsive- ex. want to get up and walk around anytime they wish
  • strangeness is a fear when they go to kindergarten----strange people, strange places, empathy for others

Social skills

  • Outgoing and talkative
  • Play is complex, can in groups of five or six
  • Fights break out less frequently
  • Quarreling results in name -calling and wild threats
  • Develop more respect for others belongings
  • Social acceptance from peers become more important
  • Concerned about what friends say or do
  • Do not want to be though different; they fear ridicule

Physical care

  • flame-resistant clothing
  • no-name on outside of clothing
  • Allow room for growth
  • most children need 10-12 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period
  • bathing is less interesting as toddlers
  • accident usually occur because the child is concentrating on the activity which he or she is involved
  • The nutriton is to choose good snacks that are low in salt and sugar, calories