How do People Survive in Space?

(Many Facts)

Space suits

A Space Suit is a garment worn to keep a human alive in the harsh environment of outer space.

Space suits are often worn inside a spacecraft as a safety precaution in case of loss of cabin pressure.

Food and Air

The food in space is dry, it is dry because it takes up space.

The Astronauts get the air by both their suit and by the shuttle.

but they must use both and air strategically.


NASA provides training for all future astronauts. They practice many possible problems and all solutions.

They provide high-tech ships and Electronics training.

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Alliance and Team Work

When needed, they ship can enter other space station, only when it is a friendly one, if it is a foreign one, you must ask or communicate to the stations radio to enter. Other times they won't let you because of past affairs or other causes.
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Space travel: Past and Present

In the past there weren't as many as computers to help, back then they didn't have as much money as now, they had very cheap, now they have high-tech computers, for many possible problems and solutions. <(^.^)>

Future Space Travels

NASA is very excited for the return of humans in 2020, for when they back, there will be preparation for visits to mars and possibly beyond.

They are also considering a new ship, one with a more retro feel.

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NASA is a special association, they are mostly based on space and science related things.

They train people to become astronauts, and they teach them how to survive in space.