7 Integrity

December 2, 2022

Thanks for helping your kids stay organized and on top of work. Please check SIS for grades and missing work. If your child is absent, please have them check Canvas for the work they missed in each class. They can message teachers directly with any questions.

Please check with your child about school supplies. We are having many students come to class without pencils and paper. And please remind them to charge their Chromebooks each night. Many are coming in with devices that are not charged. Thanks!

ELA: Mrs. Camden

We are finishing up Unit 2: Writing About Reading. I sent an email with the requirements for students who have been absent that may need to catch up outside of school. Students can access all lessons on Canvas. We will edit our writing on Monday and turn in on Tuesday. Students have written a large literary analysis and should be proud of their accomplishments!

We will take time to celebrate all of our hard work, and then we will practice some ELA skills that were identified on MAP taken in 6th grade as needing attention. Our next unit will be nonfiction reading.

I have adjusted our reading goals for November and December because of days off and our re-read books taking longer. Students will need to complete one outside novel for November and one outside novel for December. I am asking that these not be graphic novels. We’ll pick back up with our two book a month goal in January.

Please help your student remember to read each day and bring their books to school each day. Thanks!

Math: Mrs. Kanallakan

This week we began learning about inequalities. If your learner hasn’t already; they need to watch our video notes posted on Canvas. We will continue to solve, graph, and write multi-step inequalities. In the upcoming weeks, we will have our summative assessment on Unit 3. Look for emails next week with specific dates.

If your learner is absent, please encourage them to check out the agenda posted in Canvas. I update our agenda daily with notes, links, and resources we used in class.

If you have any questions, please reach out. Have a great weekend!

Science: Mrs. Tobey

This week, students completed a project called Mission to Mars. They worked alone or in a group to identify and solve a problem astronauts would face on a Mission to Mars.

Next week, students will present their project to the class on Monday 12/5. The class will vote on which project had the best problem/solution. We will start watching “The Martian” on Tuesday. Please check your email for information on the movie.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Social Studies: Mr. McGinnis

This week we wrapped up the culture and the economy for our 1950’s unit. We just completed activities about redlining and its lasting effects. Next week we will start the Civil Rights part of the 1950’s unit.

We will hopefully start our weekly Current Events quiz this month. I will send directions so that you can sign up also and compete or take the quiz with your student.