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Elms Elementary School Weekly Notes May 2nd - 6th


Preparing Learners Today for Opportunities Tomorrow


To provide educational excellence for all students

To attain the highest level of student achievement

To provide a caring, safe, and orderly school community

To strive for continuous improvement

Pledge of the Allegiance: Thank you to all classes and students for assisting with announcements this year. It is always great to hear our students read!

Teachers: All Lesson Plans are to be submitted in Google Classroom. They are due on Mondays by 9:00 am.

Staff Birthdays: Brenda Whitcomb (5/3), Matt Daniel (5/13)

End of the Year Assessments - DIBELS Testing will begin this week. DRA testing window is open. Please submit results to Mr. Hagens when finished testing. All MP3 Math Quarterlies should be scanned in Illuminate. Please submit results to Mr. Hagens when scanned.

Monday – May 2, 2016

1. Instructional Staff please complete daily attendance reports online AM only.

2. Post-Observation Conference - (8:05 - 8:35 am) - Instructional Staff/Mr. Hagens - Mr. Hagens Office

3. All Teacher Observations and Post-Observation Conferences Due - (3:35 pm) - All Instructional Staff - Mr. Hagens Office

Tuesday –May 3 2016

  1. Instructional Staff please complete daily attendance reports online AM only.
  2. GLDM - (8:05 - 8:35 am) - ALL Instructional Staff - Elms Library- Complete Agenda and minutes sheet and turn in to Mr. Hagens
  3. Administrative Staff Meeting - (9:30 - 11:00 am) - Mr. Hagens - Administration Building

Wednesday - May 4, 2016

1. Instructional Staff please complete daily attendance reports online AM only.

Thursday – May 5 2016

1. Instructional Staff please complete daily attendance reports online AM only.

Friday - May 6, 2016

1. Instructional Staff please complete daily attendance reports online AM only.

2. Muffins With Mom - (8:00 - 8:30 am) - All are invited - Elms gym

Have a Sunny and Warm Weekend!

Field Day

The field day planning committee met last Thursday to begin preparations for this annual event. Field Day will take place on June 8th. This year's chair is Mrs. Schwanz. Lot's of exciting events were discussed and plans being made to secure various items. The next planning meeting will take place on May 19th. If you'd like to participate in the planning, please see Mrs. Schwanz or join us at the next meeting.

Data Meetings and Fall 2016 Classroom Placements

Data Meeting and classroom placements are set for May 23rd. Please come to the meeting prepared to discuss end of the year student progress and well as placement into classes for next school year. Next year it appears that we can potentially have the following in regards to classes:

  • Two first grade classes
  • One 1/2 split class
  • Two second grade classes
  • Two third grade classes
  • One 3/4 split class
  • Two fourth grade classes
  • Two fifth grade classes
  • Three sixth grade classes

Obviously, student projections for our building our down for next school year, however with students enrolling or withdrawing over the summer months, things can always change.

End of the Year Assessments

DIBELS testing will start this week. Gina and Beth created and emailed you a schedule outlining your test time and day. The DRA window is now open for grades 1st - 5th. Please schedule a time with me that you would like to conduct your DRA assessment. Please forward your results to me when complete. Lastly, all MP3 Quarterly Math assessment are over due at this point. Please forward me a copy of your results by the end of the day Wednesday May 4th.

Elms School Board Meeting May 10th

Elms will be hosting the Flushing Board of Education meeting on May 10th. I am excited to honor students and a staff member at this meeting. Please join me in honoring the "Hagens Heroes" identified this year and Gina Kohler for her many outstanding accomplishments at the board meeting. The meeting begins at 7:00 pm

End of Year T-Shirts

This is a reminder that the End of the Year T-shirts will be ordered this Friday. If you would like to buy one, please get your size and money to the office by Friday morning. Again, the prices for the shirts are:

$8.00 for S to XL

$10.00 for 2X and 3X

If you are paying with a check make it out to The Great Put On.

Spring Clean-Up

Spring Clean-Up will take place this year on May 15th. It will held from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Kelly Tenore is coordinating this event. If you have a little time on that day to dig a hole, spread some mulch, plant a plant, or pull a weed come on out and join us. Hopefully we will be experiencing much warmer weather by then.