My exhibition ideas and plans

by: paige rose

The ACTION we take may affect human communities

the things we do may affect other humans and their communities in many ways good or bad to lots of people young or old

the subject i will choose


pollution can some times come from factories because of the smoke which comes into our lungs when we inhale and can make us very sick and can cause global warming

what are the affects from air pollution

air pollution is caused by chemicals, matter and other harmful substances

pollutants that are air pollutants are factories, vehicles and air crafts

smog is also an air pollutant because smog is made by mike and fog

it also can be caused by industrial machines and industries

how can we stop air pollution in our community

we can start by using public buses to minimize the cars on the road so that will minimize the gas or smoke produced on roads and into the air

what actions can I take

I can go to a factory that I can see is producing smoke and is harmful for residents around it and