Fourth Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: December, 2015


Fourth grade artists will embark on learning and practicing traditional pen and ink techniques. Students will use this knowledge to recreate chosen architectural landmarks and practice adding shading with crosshatching and details. These landmarks will then be collaged onto our pastel backgrounds designed to represent space. Students will use chosen materials to add details and bring the ideas of this art element together.


Fourth graders will finish learning about the Dewey Decimal System and begin reading regional fiction and nonfiction this month. Starting with the Northeast, we will read the fictional story, Terrible Storm, and portions of nonfiction books about blizzards.


Fourth graders will continue to progress with their vocal sight reading. We will be tackling more complicated rhythm patterns and adding more notes to the scale. We will also be finishing our recorder unit. We reviewed the basic playing techniques and the notes B, A, and G and added low E. We will be adding third space C and fourth line D into the mix this month. Our December composer of the month is Charles Ives.


December is the start of our basketball unit and many of the classes this month will focus on various basketball skills, drills, and activities. Our fitness skill challenge this month is "how many baskets can you make in a minute?" We will participate in basketball activities like Runners & Gunners and Basketball Pirates. We will play large group games like BBK and Line Basketball. We will also participate in non-basketball activities like flag grab and will use the rock wall. Fitness and skill development remain an important part of our activities, as well as sportsmanship and fair play.


This month is all about engineering. Students get their empty boxes and with their knowledge of conductors and insulators that they acquired through their experience and experiments will create a solar oven. Students will go through the engineering design process of constantly defining the problem, designing a solution, planning its implementation, creating the oven, testing their oven, collecting data and improving on their design. Students will communicate with their peers, share ideas, and present their findings to help one another succeed, and optimize their designs. Students will also need keep in mind the criteria and constraints given as part of the project.


Fourth grade Spanish students will continue their studies regarding clothing and telling time. Students will learn adjectives to describe clothing articles focusing on proper formation of adjective agreement in gender and number. Descriptions of typical garments from Perú will be presented, but this time they will include opinion phrases. Students can now tell time using the proper expressions for after the half hour using:son las, es la, menos cinco, en punto, andy cuarto, y media.... This skill can be confusing and so students will continue to practice to demonstrate fluid ability stating time and adding new adverbial phrases of time like, de la mañana, de la noche, del mediodía…

Holiday Meeting for Worship

Friday, Dec. 18th, 9-10am

George School Meeting House

Parents are welcome to join us for Holiday Meeting for Worship on Friday, December 18th at 9 am in the George School Meeting House. This year's program includes performances from the Advanced Handbell Elective, the NFS Parent Chorus, and the Faculty Chorus.