Summer School News

Park Hill Summer School is a free, fun, caring place for your child to learn during the summer. Enrollment opens March 25.

Students who will enter kindergarten through eighth grade in the fall will focus on a combination of academic and exploration classes. High school students will focus on earning the required credits Park Hill Summer School will once again offer a full-day summer school program that includes transportation. Enrollment opens March 25, and applications are due May 10 to make sure transportation is available. Please check back here later for applications and more information on transportation. We’ll also be offering breakfast and lunch the way we do during the school year.

Unless we get more snow days and depending on Board approval, the dates for elementary and middle school students are June 4 to July 3.

Please note: Chinn will be the host of Summer School for Chinn students & Hopewell students.

  • Chinn will be an Early-start building from 7:25 a.m. to 2:25 p.m.


It's here!

Chinn is excited to once again launch One School, One Book (OSOB). OSOB is a program where each family of a school is gifted the same book. We are fortunate enough to have Title I funds we can use to purchase a book for each student at our school in order to create a shared read-aloud experience across our entire Chinn community.

So why do this? Reading together at home helps students be more effective readers. Research shows these students typically have bigger vocabularies, understand concepts better, and it helps foster a love for reading and learning. When an entire school reads the same book, it creates an even bigger excitement for reading and a sense of community among the staff, families, and students!

On Feb. 14th, each student will receive their own copy of, Friendship According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney, a bookmark with a schedule of suggested readings, and a list of discussion prompts that may be used to facilitate conversations about the book while reading it aloud together at home.

For more information about One School One Book, please check out the following link We’re looking forward to sharing this experience with you and your child!

Please see below for a calendar of events that will accompany the book, as well as what chapters are recommended for reading each week.

The clues below were shared with students the week of February 11th to see if anyone could guess the title of this year's One School, One Book selection.

For more information about One School One Book, please check out the following link. We’re looking forward to sharing this experience with you and your child!


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PTA Leadership JOB OPENINGS 2019-2020 Contact Mr. Heinerikson Directly with Interest:

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OPEN POSITIONS: 2019-2020 Chinn PTA


· Leads the monthly meetings

· Works with Mr. Heinerikson directly

· The main point of contact for all questions/issues/concerns

· Fills out all paperwork before and after each event and submits to the PH school district for approval

· Fills out all paperwork that is needed for District PTA

· Attends the monthly District PTA meetings the 1st Thurs. of the month in the morning

· In constant contact with all the committee chairs to make sure all is running smoothly

VP Membership:

· Set up tables at welcome events to collect & encourage memberships during:

  • Kindergarten Round Up
  • Back to School Night
  • 1st Day of School

· Update roster for Treasurer to report to Missouri PTA

· Maintain email groups for the year

· Confirm that all committee leads and officers are up to date on membership

· Follow-up with lapsed members from previous years

· Generally, most major duties occur at the beginning of the school year


· Manage all the PTA's financial activity and responsibilities

· Make payments to District PTA and National PTA

· Manage the PTA Insurance

· Write Reimbursement checks to PTA members

· Track the grade-level donations for the holiday parties and report at the meetings

· Manage the Treasurer spreadsheet of activity and report at the monthly meetings


· Maintain Meeting Minutes for monthly meetings (record, type and archive on flashdrive)

· Maintain Chinn PTA Facebook Page (post any PTA announcements, events, etc., respond to messages, answer questions from parents, etc.)

Back to School Carnival:

· Set up contracts with several vendors for things such as Inflatables, midway games, photo booth, DJ etc.

· Order and sort all prizes for the midway games

· Contact local businesses and secure Corporate donations

· Set up and maintain the Sign Up Genius for Volunteers and Family donations

· Work with Mr. Heinerikson and the Chinn Custodial staff to plan the set-up of the attractions

· Coordinate the use of the A+ students that will help run the stations during the event

· Set-up the Carnival the day of the event (tents, tables, games, etc)

· Coordinate arrival and dismissal of all the vendors

Backpack Snacks/Harvesters:

· This is a National program:

· This program provides a weekly backpack filled with nutritious, child-friendly food for school children to take home over the weekend. More than 100,000 children in Harvesters' service area receive free and reduced-price school meals during the week, and many of those are at risk of hunger on weekends. Harvesters provides the food and the backpacks.

· Our Chinn PTA helps facilitate picking up the BackSnack food kits from Harvesters and distributing them to the school. School principals and/or counselors determine which children receive BackSnacks at each school.

· The committee chair for this program just needs to be able to drive to the facility and pick up the food for Chinn kids, and deliver them to the school.

· The Custodians will help you unload your car once you get to Chinn. The Chinn Student Council is in charge of getting the bags to the correct teachers for distribution to the kids.

· No organizing to do, just a pick up and drop off at school.

Box Tops:

· This is a twice a year activity. We do one Box Top collection drives in the Fall, and one in the Spring.

· Send home baggies and instructions with the students on how to send in their box tops to

school during the drives.

· Ensure the Box Tops are trimmed correctly and bundle them according to the National Program guidelines.

· Count which grade level has the most, and communicate who won the drive.

· Mail them in and Chinn PTA receives a check for the Box Tops.

· You can do all the "trimming" and counting on your own time at home. No at school commitment!

Holiday Extravaganza: Silent Auction:

· Solicit donations and gift cards from various businesses and families for the Auction

· Set up the Library the day of the Holiday Extravaganza with all the Auction items

· Assist with the Auction the day of the event

· Follow up with all Auction winners to ensure payment

Legislative Chair:

Legislative chair is a way to help local PTA members be involved in local, state and national policy issues.

· Each month (mid-January through May) a suggested legislative report template is posted on in the advocacy section. You can personalize it with local issues, and highlight ways for local members to interact with various elected officials.

· Attend the monthly PTA meetings to report this information.

· Attending school board meetings if you want to, but it’s not required.

· Email the Chinn PTA secretary the report ahead of our meetings so it is easy to reference in the minutes.

Mornings with Mom:

· Establish and coordinate collection all food donations (donuts, bagels, juices, coffee etc)

· Create any decorations needed for event

· Coordinate set-up plan with the Custodian

· Create a fun activity for the day of the event

· Set-up and serve during the event

Plaza 5th Grade Rep:

· This should be a parent that has a child at Plaza and a child at Chinn.

· Attend the Plaza meetings and take notes

· Report any notes from the Plaza meeting at the Chinn meetings.

Reflections Chair:

Register and promote the national program in our school. This may include designing a bulletin board, creating program communications, and distributing student materials.

· Collect and organize submissions. Share judging materials and submissions with PTA. Collect scores and rank submissions.

· Organize and host an awards celebration and create an all school communication.

· Send finalists to next judging round by submitting students’ information and art work via the state Reflections’ website.

Room Party Coordinator:

· Set up the Sign Up Genius for the whole school to use at Back-To-School night to gather volunteers

· Set up the Sign Up Genius for the whole school for EACH party (3 a year) and monitor it

· Establish the Room Party guidelines, print the packets, and hold a Room Party Leader Meeting at the beginning of the year

· Be the central point of contact between the teachers and the Room Party Leaders

· Attend the three parties and be available for questions/issues

Welcome Coffee (or Breakfast):

· Gather donations and coffee makers for the 1st day of school

· Coordinate with the Membership Chair to be able to sell memberships during the meet and


· Be available the 1st day of school until 8:45 am to host the free coffee event in the Library at Chinn

· Decorate the Library for the event

· Communicate the event via Facebook

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Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)

Looking forward to having Father-figures in the building. Visit our website to sign-up now!

WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)

WATCH a father involvement initiative to provide positive male role models for students and to enhance school security. Chinn Watch D.O.G.S. are fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, uncles and other father figures who volunteer to serve at least one day a year in a variety of school activities, as assigned by the school principal or other administrators.


The office would like a 48 hour notice prior to your visit so that an individualized schedule can be created for you. Make sure to put your child's first name only on the comment line so that we can have you visit your child's classroom. Thank you for your understanding and for taking time out of your day to spend with our Panthers.

To sign up for WATCH D.O.G.S., please visit the SignUpGenius page.

Please be sure to complete the volunteer screening form at least two weeks prior to your scheduled date. More information on the volunteer screening process.

Park Hill Star Program

Our employees are the reason we are so successful here in the Park Hill School District, and we would like to recognize them for all they do for our students.

That is why we present the Park Hill Star award once a month to a pre-K or elementary teacher, a secondary teacher and a support employee. Anyone can nominate an employee for this award by using the form below.

Our employees are the reason we are so successful here in the Park Hill School District, and we would like to recognize them for all they do for our students.

That is why we present the Park Hill Star award once a month to a pre-K or elementary teacher, a secondary teacher and a support employee. Anyone can nominate an employee for this award by using the form below.

Chinn Buzz Book

Chinn PTA compiles a student directory called the Chinn Buzz Book each year. This is a listing of students by teacher to share parent or guardian contact information.

Please click on the following link to access the Buzz Book:Chinn Buzz Book 2018-2019

Feel free to contact the Chinn office at 816-359-4330 with any questions.

Have a great weekend!

Upcoming Events


2/21 - Chinn Chick-Fil-A Night
2/21 - Mathletics @ Line Creek
2/28 - Student Led Conferences

Thomas B. Chinn Elementary

Principal: Mr. Lee Heinerikson

Assistant Principal: Dr. Gina Montalbano

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