5th Grade

You are going to have a lot of fun in 5th grade!


In 5th grade you get your own laptops. You use them way more then you use paper.


When you are 5th grade you need to be very responsible. Your teacher has to trust that you will use your computer for learning. When you are able to be trusted to take your laptop home you should NOT do anything mean or bad online! when you finish your homework you can play games though.


When you are trusted in 5th grade to take your laptop home you are pushed to do homework three nights a week or you won't get to go to star party. so you could do a digital poster on what you are learning about in class, you could write a story on word, and lots more stuff you will learn about.


In 5th grade you will most likely use your laptops when you take tests. Our 5th grade teachers can make tests on Google drive.