(December 23rd)

It was a perfectly, ordinary, crazy night at the north pole.The elves were rushing to finish the last few toys and getting the sleigh polished and shined, preparing the reindeer. Mrs. Claus was feeding Santa so that he would get nice and fat , when Santa suddenly let out a groan and fell over backwards. Mrs. Claus rushed over to see what was wrong and realized he was having a heart attack, which was a sudden heart failure. Mrs.Claus hit the emergency red button ,a button used only for emergency's and a team of special medics rushed in to take Santa to the hospital. 3 hours later they said they would have to do a heart transplant,after that they said they had no clue what would happen to Santa. While the surgery was happening the electric went out, as a direct result the stabilizer gave out, causing Santa to die .Since Santa died Christmas was canceled for the next 2 years while the goverment went on a secret mission to find the next SANTA CLAUS.

structures used

  • prepositional phrase
  • adverb clause
  • adjective clause
  • compound sentence
  • appositive clause
  • participial phrase