Food Production and Transportation

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Food production is the process of transforming raw ingredients into prepared food products. Food production includes industries that take raw food products and convert them into marketable food items. Home food production includes converting produce into forms for long-term storage.

Food production is the business of conveying goods from one place to another.

Environmental and Health Problems

  • Many food items have to travel long distances before they arrive in our grocery stores. This means the the bananas you just bought, have sat on the ship for many days. All the way from Mexico to Canada. food items that come from far away, are not fresh. The bananas are picked very early so by the time they get to the stores they are ripe.
  • Gas prices continually rise because of that the price of food has risen accordingly.the price of any imported food has risen to match the shipping charge increase.
  • The biggest environmental impact is pollution. There's a lot of pollution on Earth caused by plans, cars, trucks, ships and trains transporting food.
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  • Home grown food: reassures to know that there are no pesticides
  • Moxiyo: a proprietary natural and safe product which produces carbon dioxide

Global Issue

A convergence of factors has made food security one of the most important global issues. An increasing population wants a more varied diet, but is trying to grow more food on less land with limited access to water, all the time facing increased costs for fertilizer, and fuel for storage and transport.
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