By: Rachel N. Taylor P. and Travis D.

The Rise of Television

Although television had been around for a while, its popularity increased in the 50's as the invention became affordable for the middle class of America. With extra time and money, everyone was looking to own a television. The newest and most popular form of entertainment after World War 2. As television gained traction, movie makers found themselves faced with a great dilemma; what next in the race of entertainment? With sales dropping, movie makers worked fast and came out with Smell-O-Vision and surround sound in movie theaters as an attempt to draw in the public. Overall, middle class Americans were exposed to many types of entertainment as the producers behind the scenes competed to win the consumer.

Household Appliances

Although household appliances had been in America for quite a while, they gained even more popularity as new and better appliances came out in the. With an economic boom on the rise, many manufacturers improved previous inventions. Some of these include the stove and refrigerator, both of which became available in colors and were created with greater efficiency. Other new appliances were improved with the help of electricity including the microwave, electric washing machine, coffee makers and electric mixers. These appliances effected middle class Americans by making everyday tasks easier and less time consuming. With consumers buying products like crazy all sorts of businesses flourished at this time. In conclusion, many business owners made money as a result of selling their efficient household inventions.