Just use technology

Jeremy Desantos

Why just use technology

The world we live in today expects us the kids of tomorrow to be the ones to use school technology to have the advantage to better ourselves for what holds in store for us. But the only way for the to be achieved is for us the kid of tomorrow to start learning how to take advantage of what we have today.

All for technology

The things that we do in classrooms with our computers, smartphones, ipod, ipad and many other devices are very easy to understand. But when it comes down to it all, all these devices will have a the down side to them. Like we can go on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc the list will go on. And thats what us kids of tomorrow will do instead of listening to the teacher and completing assignments like we are supose to be doing. So in reality i guess you can say, is that was technology was created for. To be missed use for and sure that is was the kid of tomorrow will do.
In the final discussion of why we should push for the smart technology in classrooms is that everyone needs it to live their daily lives