Do you have a dream of working in the US or visiting US for completing a small study tour or internship? If yes, then you should definitely take help of the CENET’s cultural exchange network programs. CENET is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to cultural and international exchange. Founded in 1994, CENET located in Cape Girardeau provides a variety of services all around the world. For non-US students who require work experience within the United States, CENET administers the international trainee, intern and Work and travel programs. Moreover, CENET operates the Magellan Exchange which is a non-profit university association offering student and faculty exchanges both within the US and abroad. In addition, CENET offers the Culture in the Community Program, which is a special program that brings international education to local classrooms and to youth summer camps. Hence, promoting cultural understanding by providing us with a chance to learn American culture and share one’s own culture with the Americans.

The Work and Travel Program is an authorized exchange visitor program which offers one the opportunity to work and travel in the US during their summer vacations. One can travel around and explore few places during their free time. CENET will always be with the individual helping him as an advisor, monitoring his experience and acting as a liaison between the individual and the supervisor. The duration of the program is up to 4 months. The program includes various services to the individual like determining application procedures, requirements and documents. Also, the program fee includes suggestions and recommendations for placement possibilities with final review and acceptance. Apart from them, one also gets 24-hour emergency support while in the US, free phone number, health insurance negotiation, payment , and records. CENET has a number of affiliations demonstrating its dedication to fostering cultural exchange. Some of the affiliations are Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange, WYSE (World Youth Student & Education Travel), NAFSA (Association of international Educators).

Apart from the above work and travel program, there are various programs like The Culture in the Community Program that provides cultural sensitivity and understanding for peaceful solutions as well as for youth development in the global arena. The programs are available for different age groups targeting the young, adolescent and adult crowd. So, enjoy your stay and gain valuable experience through the exchange programs while fulfilling the mission of CENET, which is to provide opportunities to experience world cultures through education and international exchange.

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