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The End is in Sight!

As I am writing this, we have 29 wake ups left of the year (school days only). Can you believe how this year has just flown by?? I have spent a lot of time lately reflecting on this year and all that we have endured. We started the year "normally," but this year has felt anything but normal. Together, we have gone through so much. We have lived through guidelines, mandates, retractions, divineness, and uncertainty. There have definitely been many setbacks to our return to normal.

Through all of these, I'm reminded of your resiliency. You all have come to school each day and confronted the changes and uncertainties. You have found new friendships and new ways to cope. There is a quote that resonates with me this year and it states "the comeback is always stronger than the setback." I see that everyday at Ramirez. You all have embraced the comeback to make the most out of what this year had to offer you. Be proud of yourselves!

In this last month of school, we have a LOT going on! We have state testing starting Monday April 25th. This is an opportunity to show your families, community, and district exactly how you have embraced the comeback. So, do your best!

We also have movie nights, dances and fun days. These are opportunities to really embrace and enjoy the beginning of the end of the year. You are only in junior high once and these moments go by so fast! Take time to slow down, patriciate in these events, and really enjoy the moment.

Have a wonderful week Wolves!

Mrs. Kemmer

No Go 2022

The No Go list is updated every two weeks. The list is displayed in ALL classrooms! Be sure to check the list regularly!

HERE is the current list for 7th grade

HERE is the current list for 8th grade.

Need to get OFF the list? No problem! We made the petition digital. When you have had 10 days without an infraction (grades, tardies, and/or behavior), you can fill out the DIGITAL FORM. Once the form is filled out, you must email kkemmer@cnusd.k12.ca.us and ask to have the form reviewed. Once you have served your consequence, you will be removed from the list.


Escape to Paradise Rally...SO FUN!

State Testing: April 25-May 13


Starting Monday April 25th, we will be on block schedule! Our 8th graders will be kicking off the testing season with the California Science Test (CAST). All 8th graders will be testing in their science classes.

Math will be up next with testing starting the week of May 2nd. All 7th AND 8th graders will be testing in their math classes.

Last up will be ELA. ELA is set to begin testing the week of May 9th. All 7th AND 8th graders will be testing in their ELA classes.

It is REALLY important that you are at school and ON TIME for the next three week. Students with PERFECT ATTENDANCE (no absences and no tardies) will be entered into a raffle for a PRIZE!

Testing make ups will be the week of May 16th. We will return to our standard bell schedule this week!

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Make sure to charge your chromebook every night!

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Join us for MOVIE NIGHT on May 5th!

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Saturday Catch Up

We have TWO more Saturday Catch Ups for the Year!

SAVE THE DATE: May 7th and May 21st.

  • On May 7th, you will be permitted to make up runs for PE. PE will be offered from 8-9. You must come dressed to run and WILL NOT have access to the locker rooms. After the run, you will be able to attend the duration of catch up from 9-12. Sign up below!

SIGN UP HERE for May 7th