Barnwell 45 School Board Update

March 17, 2016 Board Meeting

  1. Mr. Burdge introduced 3 new employees. Chief Jeffery Gordon, BHS JROTC; Garry Baxley, Assistant CFO; Tina Smith, Special Services
  2. Steve Andrews and Jason Browning along with students Able Villalobos and Vivek Patel, presented information to the Board about Project Lead The Way a STEM program at BHS.
  3. Denise Parker and Kara Bolen shared the presentation they did at the Library Conference. It was entitled The BES Literacy Team, A Collaboration Between Media Specialist and Literacy Coach.
  4. The following action was taken:

A. Approval of the February 25, 2016 Regular Board Meeting


B. Approval of the December Financial Report- approved

C. Resolution for Bond Issue-approved

D. Re-election of Certified Personnel- approved

E. Re-election of Non-Certified Personnel- approved

F. Approval of the Personnel Report- approved

G. Approval of Superintendent’s Evaluation Goals. approved 4 to 1,

Ms. Black was opposed

H. 2nd Reading and approval of the 2016-2017 School Year

Calendar- approved

I. Approval of 4th Grade Barrier Island Field trip- approved

J. Approval of Student (A) to attend Barnwell 45- approved

5. The Board had an executive session, no action was taken.

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