MHHS January Newsletter

MHHS January Newsletter 2019

Up Coming Events

Quarter 3 Student Led Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Feb. 13th, 3-6:30pm

MHHS, 1431 E 17th Street, Heyburn, Idaho 83336

Join us for dinner and information about your student's success at MHHS. The schedule of events is as follows:

  • Presentations at 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM.
  • Dinner served from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Positive Actions

Commit to Graduate: C2G

MHHS spent a few moments Wednesday during advisory to celebrate the first annual Commit to Graduate assembly. During this assembly the students at MHHS heard about the importance of graduation and the impact education has on their lives both emotionally and financially. After students attended the assembly, they returned to their individual advisory classes where they received their very own C2G 5x7 picture of themselves in a graduation cap and gown. What a handsome and dignified group of students we have at MHHS! This process is the brainchild of Mr. Joe Fairchild, one of our history instructors.

Student Council: What’s the Buzz?

Student council has a new set of leaders. Ms. Thompson passed the torch to Ms. Dallolio and Mrs. Woodward in January after many years of dedicated service to the MHHS student council. Ms. Dallolio and Mrs. Woodward set a schedule of meetings for the student council every other week, once during a group lunch and once during the day. Lunches will sometimes be furnished by the Advisors for the Student Council. Possible ideas for Valentines Day include a romantic movie and long-stem roses. Leadership and Service Project activities are in the works as well as consultation with Katie Smith, the Minico Student Council Advisor.

MHHS Quarter 2 Honor Roll

MHHS is proud to announce 33 students on the honor roll for Quarter 2 of the 2018-2019 school year. Here are the kiddos and their status! Thank you Ms. Thompson for taking the pictures and presenting the Honor Roll for MHHS.

High Honors: (4.0 G.P.A.): Kwentyn Robinson and Lupe Paz (not pictured)

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MHHS Clubs and Hubs

Gaming Club: S-Class Savages

Zach Yarnell is the president of the S-Class Savages at MHHS, a gaming club set up to bring those interested in gaming together and socialize. This group meets each Wednesday in Travis Kent’s room; Mr. Kent is the faculty advisor for this enterprise. The S-Class plays very competitive games, all school appropriate of course. The mission statement, according to Mr. Yarnell, is to “Bring people together to complete, form bonds and friendships through the art of online gaming.” Currently, there is an ongoing tournament, complete with brackets to track progress and gamer status. There is also a Discord Server where all the information about the members of the club and gaming opportunities appears; interested gamers can join the Discord Server by contact Zach Yarnell. This is Zach! If you click on his face, you will have his email address!

Fishing Club: A Chilly Enterprise

Stetson Jensen is the president of the MHHS Fishing Club. He along with members, Jena Hulme, secretary, and Ethan Hyde, Shilo Orton, Taylor Cantu, Kaullin Kurtz, Tristan Glover with Staff Advisors, Kelly Arritt and Joe Fairchild, meeting every other week during lunch, on Thursdays. Their first excursion is scheduled for a very chilly fishing adventure, February 2, 2018, at Mormon Reservoir. The cost for this adventure is $10.00. Individuals interested in this trip may contact Stetson Jensen or any of the members. Participants must have a current fishing license and preferably their own equipment! If interested individuals do not have their own equipment, current members are willing to share.

The map below shows the directions for this activity! The Fishing Club leaves from MHHS at 6:00 AM Saturday, February 2, 2019. Dress Warm!

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STAFF Spotlight: English Language Arts



Math Lab is an opportunity for all students to get help with their Math classes. Stay an hour after school Monday thru Thursday with the outstanding math teachers at MHHS and complete your homework. Ms. Grant helps on Mondays, Mr. Repke on Tuesdays, Mr. Heins is available Wednesday afternoons and Mr. Kent finishes the week on Thursdays.


ELA Lab is an opportunity for all students to get help with their English Language Arts classes. Stay an hour after school Monday thru Thursday with the outstanding ELA teachers at MHHS and complete your homework. Ms. Hurst helps Monday through Thursday,, Ms. Dallolio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ms. Wojcik is by appointment for Health and ELA assistance.

Students of the Week

Cody Olmstead: January 28-February 1, 2019

Congratulations Cody Olmstead!

Cody Olmstead is Junior at MHHS. He is on track to graduate with his class of 2020! His favorite color is Royal Purple, again a good thing because our uniforms here are exactly that color! He loves Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, playing the guitar, drawing and long-boarding. He listens to Heavy Metal when he is out and about on that long-board so be careful! You might see him, but he might not hear you!

Kaullin Kurtz: January 21-25, 2019

Congratulations Kaullin Kurtz!

Kaullin is a Junior at MHHS. He is also a polite, kind and interesting person. Kaullin moved to MHHS this year, and besides having a job, he is also an honor roll student with a wicked sense of humor.

Kaullin's favorite color is DEEP DEEP midnight purple--good thing our shirts are purple! He also likes to play cards, he is a gifted artist and enjoys being with friends at MHHS. Kaullin's favorite food is Chinese Food! He adores it. He is also very good at technology and willing to assist anyone in need of help. He is also a dangerous dirt-biker!

Kaullin, we are happy you are a student at MHHS!

Isaiah Cordova: January 14-18, 2019

Congratulations Isaiah Cordova!

Mr. Cordova is 15 years old and a sophomore at MHHS. His favorite activity is football. His favorite team is The Raiders. His favorite food is steak, super rare, mashed potatoes and he does not like veggies.

One of his hobbies is hanging with his cousin. He listens to RAP and Hip Hop; his favorite musician is Trippie Redd. His favorite Trippie Redd song is BANG. He also longboards. He is going to buy another one after his misfortunate accident on a very large hill.

Shilo Orton: January 4-8, 2019

Congratulations Shilo Orton!

Shilo Orton is an avid hunter, fisherman and all around outdoorsman. He is also a junior at MHHS! Shilo loves food, driving his truck and wearing cowboy boot! He is the epitome of an Idaho kid, born and bred!

Congratulations Shilo! We love having you with us at MHHS!


MHHS is an alternative high school for the Minidoka County School District. We are proud to serve your students' needs and assist in developing strong academic standards, family and community engagement and cultivating a culture of respect and responsibility.