Phantom Stallion-The Wild One

By: Terri Farley ; 216pages:Chloe Brown wrote this

Coming back to a life she left

Sam's horse, Blackie, threw her off into a horrible accident. Her dad made her live in the city with her aunt and she had to leave everything she knew to stay safe for a while. After 2 years she came home and her horse has been missing since the accident. Sam is forced to recall the ways of being a cowgirl to impress all the cowboys, in order to not be a laughing stock.

If you love something let it go

This is a story about the strong bonding love between Sam and the horse.Sam is torn and confused; to come home and see her horse has been gone for two years. Sam is treated as if she were handicapped and that has gotten on her nerves, especially because her good friend Jake won't let her do anything!!! Jake and Sam's father are worried for Sam's safety, but the horrible thing is how Jake swore he would keep her safe because he feels the accident is his fault.

Sam in love with "her" horse; had to chase down Miss Olsen/ Brynna so that Wyatt: a "cowboy" didn't get her horse. So Jake with his new drivers licences and Sam set off to stop Wyatt. Sam gets into a fenced area with the phantom that threw her into an accident two years ago. If the phantom stallion charged Sam she would have no place to move. So, Sam sat down to talk and calm the wild stallion. Sam, Jake, and Brynna were smart; they got Wyatt to admit he did something illegal with the horse. When Sam finally won the horse over Wyatt, she set him free with no chance of Wyatt touching the Phantom stallion ever again.


Sam speaks in first person a lot because she describes how her accident was, Ect.

They also all speak in third person a lot, especially because they talk about each other.

To Get Back On The Horse

i learned that in the worst of situations you need to get right back into it especially because you cant hide from what hurt you. Sam could have died from such a fatal accident, yet she wanted to prove once more that she was a good horse-rider. When I was little every time i would fall off my bike my mother and father would make me get back on the bike. Now i see why; if you quit and take a cut op knee and never ride your bike again you wont know what your missing. Horse back-riding was a part of her that would never go away. Just like in life I learned that you should never give up just because it gets hard.