Isaac G. performance task 9-19-13

Population Needs

It's important to have these things in a population.First, a population should have the amount of living space.They have to be in the same species.Also, it has to be in the same place.It needs to be in a big area.You need sunlight and a lot of water.You also need the right amount of food.If you don't have food the population will decrease.These are some things you need in a population.

How Different Animals Get Oxygen

This is how different animals get oxygen.Animals get oxygen from the air around them.All animals need a way to circulate oxygen.Mammals breathe in oxygen through their mouth like humans.Earthworms and salamanders get oxygen through their skin.Insects get oxygen through through small little holes in their body.Aquatic animals get oxygen from the water.The oxygen goes to your blood cells.These are some facts how animals get oxygen.

Growth And Development Of A Frog

This is the growth and development of a frog.First, the mommy frog lays the eggs under water.After that, they hatch into tadpoles.Then their tail starts to go away.Next, they grow their gills and feet.Finally, after they grow their gills and feet they become into a adult frog.This is how a baby frog develops into a adult frog.