Panther Paws

Norfolk Jr. High

By: Raegan Dowson

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My favorite app is Instagram because you can show off whatever you want, take a picture of yourself, or someone else. You can follow people and they can follow you if you let them. There are celebrities on Instagram that you can follow. You can make different effects on the pictures and say whatever you want underneath. There is also a way to make the words a blue color, it is called a hash tag.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

It is very funny. It has very nice singing and very nice dance moves. It has a little bit of drama to make it interesting, but a big amount of HILARIOUS!!! I have watched more than you think. If you haven't watched....I insist you to watch it. I guarantee you laughs our hardest and get the shivers when they sing.

Litlle Boy Blue

On a bright sunny morning, May 12,1979, Little Boy Blue had a horrible start to the day. He wanted some eggs...there were none. Then he wanted to ride Jipsey, his horse, but he was asleep. Little Boy Blue also had a horrible nights sleep with a rain storm click clacking on his window. Finally, he got outside and did SOME of his chores...after feeding Jipsey and brushing her, Little Boy Blue fell fast asleep on Jipsey’s breakfast...he didn't even blow his horn.

Shawn Johnson

Her life started as a simple little toddler, but things started to get adventurous for her. At her daycare she didn't color, she didn’t play dress up... she climbed. Shawn climbed the walls, the playground, even the floor. Her parents knew she wasn’t going to be a business girl...she was going to be a gymnast, a good one too. So her parents put her in gymnastics and Shawn loved it especially at the age of six. Shawn’s birthday is on January 19, 1992, and she was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She has done gymnastics from the age of 6 to the age of 20. She is now 21, and she retired from gymnastics because of her ankle. It was very injured to where if she did gymnastics again she wouldn't be able to walk on it.

Trading Card Story

Once upon a time there was a giraffasaurus and and giroctopus on a mountain under the sea at Sea Turtle Land next to Spongebob Squarepants. there was also a land right beside Sea Turtle Land and it was RawrRawr World. Sea Turtle Land and RawrRawr World never got along together. only the giraffasaurus and giroctopus did, but it was a secret friendship, And they were very ninja like about it. the giraffasaurus is an animal that Is half giraffe and half dinosaur. The giroctopus is an ocean animal which Is half giraffe and half octopus. One day on a bright shiny afternoon Giraffasaurus and giroctopus played hide- and-go-seek in the forest so nobody could find them. The girrafosaurus's family had to ask the giroctopus's family and they had no idea where they were. So they made a deal that if they helped find their children then they could be friends and hang out together whenever they could. after all that, they finally found them and the next day they went sea turtle riding And had a whole bunch of fun. The next day, they went to the park and was playing. Then they hung out everyday after that happily ever after.

The Argument

For- P.E., the long breaks, learn more, school days shorter.

Against- Sleeping in, wouldn't get to enjoy the hot weather very days you would if you didn't have all round school. Tired of the teachers and not as long of summers.


Stay strong and fight for who you are!


My survey question was... What is your favorite movie out of these five: Pitch Perfect, Spongebob Movie, Iron Man, Despicable Me, and Hannah Montana Movie. Pitch Perfect won with the percentage of 48%. Then Despicable Me in second with the percent of 28%, Iron Man comes in 3rd with a 12% and Spongebob Movie and Hannah Montana Movie tied last with a 8%.