Senior 2023

Update 5/21/2023

Good afternoon Seniors and families.

Seniors have just two more days of school.

This message contains information about turning in senior items on the 23rd and picking up graduation tickets from the JMB auditorium on the 24th.

Please check out the full newsletter for all the senior information. If you have any questions, please reach out.

Grand March/Prom Pictures

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The rolling count down for seniors....

May 22


The class of 2023 will be having baccalaureate 6pm at JMB's auditorium. The ceremony is a voluntary, faith based ceremony for all seniors and their families .

Students should report no later than 5:30 wearing their graduation gown but no caps or cords

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May 23

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May 24

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In order for students to receive their tickets they must complete the following:

1. Be in good standing to graduate (Grades, Service Hours, Attendance)

2. Return all textbooks

3. Return all technology (laptop, hotspot, etc.)

4. Return all sports uniforms

5. Pay any outstanding fees or fines

6. Complete Senior Surveys for guidance (guidance will share link to surveys)

· If you do something on the last day for seniors it could result in you not getting your graduation tickets on the 24th. – Tickets will be held until the principal is able to meet with you, and parent.

· Each Student will be given 9 tickets.

· Every person attending commencement must have a ticket including children of all ages.

· Additional tickets will not be available. Remember that NO TICKETS SHOULD BE SOLD OR PURCHASED.

May 30

Commencement Practice (Wicomico Youth and Civic Center) Noon 12pm

  • Practice is mandatory for all students that plan to participate in Commencement.
  • Students must report to Civic Center by 11:45am. Practice starts promptly at Noon.
  • Students must provide their own transportation to and from practice.
  • Practice will last as long as it takes to ensure the program is organized properly.
  • Students are not allowed back on school grounds after practice.
  • If you do NOT plan to walk or you CANNOT attend practice, your parents will need to notify Ms. Dunn in writing.

May 31

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Commencement Ceremony (Wicomico Youth and Civic Center) 7:30pm

Students Arrive at 6:30pm

· Doors open for guests 6:45pm

· Any student not in attendance by 7:25pm will have their name crossed off the list and they will not walk.

· Dress Code:

If wearing a dress or skirt: light-colored dress or skirt and blouse (with no pattern since it will be seen through the white portion of the graduation gown) and dress shoes which can include dressy sandals but no flip flops or tennis shoes.

If wearing pants: please wear a light-colored dress shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes.

No blue jeans, flip flops, or tennis shoes or crocs.

· Students may NOT decorate their Caps – If you decorate your cap you don’t walk. This is a formal event.

· Diploma Covers only will be handed during the ceremony. Students will receive the actual diplomas immediately following the processional in the Flanders room in the Civic Center. If a student acts inappropriately during commencement, his/her diploma and final transcript will be withheld and its release will be contingent upon a conference between the parent, student, and the principal on the next school day.

· Commencement should be a dignified, formal ceremony that evokes pride and casts a positive light on our school and students.

· Formal behavior is expected during commencement. Please remind friends and relatives who may be attending that applause, cheering, or any sign of individual recognition is inappropriate. Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. The Civic Center will not allow balloons or signs inside the arena for commencement. Please plan to keep these in your vehicle until after commencement. Guests should remain seated throughout the ceremony. Please emphasize to your families and friends that they should respect the entire class by not calling out or making unnecessary noise.

· Participation in Commencement is NOT mandatory. Any student that does not wish to participate will need to have a parent submit the request in writing to Ms. Dunn by May 8th (

Honor Cords and Stoles (Picture Below)

· Only Honor cords and stoles approved by the Wicomico County Board of Ed may be worn at graduation.

· If you have any questions about whether or not yours are approved, please ask an administrator or office staff.

· VPA and Horticulture cords are NOT approved to be worn at graduation.

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*Commencement will be live streamed for those that are unable to attend in person.

YouTube livestreams of our 2023 High School commencement ceremonies.

Parents/families will want to "Subscribe" to our schools' YouTube channel and click on the "Notification" button to be notified whenever the YouTube channel goes Live.

Bennett - - (May 31st, 7:30 PM)

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*This is a fundraiser for the class of 2023