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October 2021 - New Palestine Music & Performing Arts

Welcome Fall!

Thank You to everyone who continues to support the program, Let's all take some time to enjoy the season and performances.

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In this edition:

  • Trunk or Treat
  • Marching Band Update
  • Are you receiving emails from the NPBB
  • Student Accounts Update
  • Board Meeting Highlights
  • Winter Guard Calendar
  • Marching Winds, Percussion, Color Guard Calendars
  • Fundraisers / Archives

Stay Involved - Stay Safe - & Stay in the Arts!

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Trunk or Treat - Thursday October 28th

Join us from 6-7:30 PM for candy, games and food trucks. Don't forget your costume!

The Marching Dragons will perform at 8:00.

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2021 Marching Dragons Update

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The 2021 Marching Dragons have put in many hours of hard work into this year's show called "Riddle Me This". It features a fun arrangement of the popular tune "Rhapsody in Blue" (remember the piano playing in the old United Airlines commercials??) as well as a few voice-overs that echo the "riddle" theme.

Since the beginning of the school year, our Marching Dragons have participated in weekend competitions against some of the best talent from all over Indiana - and have held pace with their growth and expectations. So much so that they have earned a slot to compete this weekend at Pike High School for Indiana's Semi-State competition. If the growth continues, and the meticulous polishing of the show can reach a certain gleam, our Marching Dragons may find themselves invited to compete at Lucas Oil Stadium for State Finals!

THANK YOU to all the marching members (which includes our marching musicians.. our marching battery.. our amazing pit musicians.. and our marching color guard!). Your ability to pull together to make such a fun and entertaining show can not be overstated. Also - THANK YOU to all the friends/parents that give of their time to help make these shows possible. Heck, for making even some of the practices possible! Food donations.. volunteering as chaperones.. volunteering to manage uniforms..volunteering to help push props.. volunteering to BUILD the props. Thank you to our sponsors and to our group of instructors and teachers, as well.

If you want a full understanding of what "it takes a village' really means, look no further than what it takes to have a successful Marching Band.

GIve it all you've got & good luck at Semi-State, Dragons!!

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Are you getting emails from the NPBB?

You should be!!

Please check your spam or junk folder. Another option is to add the following addresses to your address book.

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Student Account Update **Past Due**

Marching and Concert/Jazz fees are now past due. If you are unsure of your balance please reach out directly to

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Board Meeting Highlights

The NPBB met on October 19th. Each meeting we review the Financial status of the Board including upcoming expenditures and student account summaries. Mr Carney provides an update on upcoming events and needs from the Band Board. We also review potential fundraisers, sponsorships and concession needs.

Important Highlights:

  • The NPBB is always looking for sponsorship to help grow the program. If you are aware of any opportunities please send an email to
  • Student Accounts Update: Student Accounts are now past due. Please reach out to if have any questions on your account.

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Listed below is a sneak preview, real-time updates can be found by following the link: Winter Guard Calendar

2022 New Palestine Winter Guard Competitions

  • Jan 29 - IHSCGA @ Greenwood HS
  • Feb 2 - IHSCGA @ Anderson HS
  • Feb 12, 13 - WGI Indy Regional @ Zionsville & Avon HS
  • Feb 19 - IHSCGA @ Brownsburg HS
  • Mar 5 - IHSCGA @ Zionsville HS
  • Mar 12 - IHSCGA State Prelims @ Franklin Central
  • Mar 19, 20 - WGI Indy Regional @ Greenfield Central & Warren Central HS
  • Mar 26 - IHSCGA State Finals @ Center Grove
  • Apr 7-9 - WGI World Championships

2022 New Palestine Glitter Dragons Competitions

  • Jan 29 - IHSCGA @ Greenwood
  • Feb 2 - IHSCGA @ Anderson HS
  • Feb 19 - IHSCGA @ Brownsburg
  • Mar 5 - IHSCGA @ Zionsville
  • Mar 19 - IHSCGA Divisional Regional Finals @ Dectaur Central HS

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Important Upcoming Dates

New Palestine Intermediate

  • 5th grade students are preparing a performance for Veteran's Day on November 11th. This perfomance may be live or virtual (TBD)

NPI Student Showcase Website - featuring Visions Choir, Visions Ring and the 5th & 6th grade class projects, and a Piano Recital. There will also be Art and Innovation projects.

NPI Student Showcase Website

New Palestine Junior High

New Palestine High School

October 28th (Thu) 6-8: Trunk or Treat

October 30th (Sat): ISSMA Semi-State

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Current & On Going Fundraisers

Do you, or someone you know WASH CLOTHES/DISHES?

Detergent & more D5 Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

5-gallon laundry detergent, 5-gallon fabric softener, Dishwasher tabs or Pods

These make a GREAT gift. :)

(example: buy a $45 laundry detergent... $15 is applied to a students account!)

Trash Bag D5 Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

We offer 13-gallon, 18 gallon, 29-gallon, and 55-60 gallon trash bags.

These are GOOD quality bags. Better than what you're buying at the hardware stores.

(example: buy a $14 roll of bags... $5 goes towards a students account!)

On the 10th of each month, Laundry Detergent orders are due. You can send in an order anytime to our Fundraising Coordinator at and just be aware that it will typically be ready during the 2nd week or so of the each month. For more information, or to place an order for D5, contact NPBBfundraising.

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SCRIP Fundraiser

All year long - orders placed once per month

We have partnered with the SCRIP fundraising activity which rewards you for buying almost anything.

Shop at Kohls? (fundraising!) Shop at Best Buy?? (fundraising!!) Eat at BW3's or Wendy's? (Fundraising!!) Do you or someone you know BUY GAS?? Yep.. gas, too.

There are currently over 750 stores that participate.

How it works:

You pick a store & buy a gift card. ($10.. $20..$50.. any amount)

You receive the gift card, and your student account receives the rebate!

Each retailer has a set rebate & some are higher than others.

Lets say you need a new refrigerator. You buy a $500 gift card through SCRIP from Home Depot (yep, they're on there too). Home Depot may have a 4% SCRIP rebate going on. Your band account receives $20 and you get the $500 to buy your fridge.

Get it?? Pretty cool, eh?

Reminder: Orders are submitted on the 1st of every month.

For more info on SCRIP, or for help getting started, contact NPBBfundraising

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