water is limited

Dominic Garcia

Introduction Example of how water dosent last forever so use it wisely.

I just hope you know that people in other countries don't get water easy like we do here in the United States.What I'm trying to say is all the water we use is ridiculous like for ex.take long 45 minute shower and when we brush our teeth we leave the water going or when you water your lawn and for get that the water is still on. So i wanted you to know water dosent last forever.

Water is important for you and your health

water is an big and i mean big major part of blood which also supports or carries the nutrients and also oxygen to help form all of the cells. So thats what you might want to think about that your body how it needs water and so if you use a lot of water then pretty soon there might be no more left. You need water to survive just think about it.