The Temperate Rainforest

By: Vikram Chandramouli

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The Great Bear Rainforest

I will be focusing on the Great Bear Rainforest

Where Is This Forest?

  • Northwest part of the United States
  • Western part of British Columbia (Cananda

Why is this forest important?

  • It is very unique
  • It is a coastal temperate rainforest
  • Hundreds of species of animals complete the ecosystem
  • Home of the mysterious spirit bear

What is a coastal temperate rainforest?

  • Moderate temperature
  • Rainy
  • Cooler than tropical rainforest

Why is this forest in danger?

  • Deforestation has been happening for many years
  • Oil Pipeline

What is the impact of deforestation and Oil pipelines?

  • Deforestation causes habitat loss for birds
  • Less space in the forest
  • Oil pipeline will affect marine life and the forest habitat
  • Trecherous waters could petentially end in an oil spill
  • All of the animals are important to the ecosystem
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Who/what will be affected?

  • Spirit Bear, Birds
  • Our food sources
  • The ecosystem