Volleyball Practice Accident

Abigail Katke

Last year June 17, 2015 on my way to volleyball practice with my mom. On our way there we had to stop by my doctor to get my ankle brace sense I have really weak ankles. when I run or sometimes walk it fells like my ankles are going to break. When we got to my ankle brace we had to rush to my gym because i had to help put up the net. When I got there i had to put my ankle brace on and knee pads on fast then run to the gym to put up the net up.

When we were done putting up the net we stretched and ran 5 laps around the gym. After running we paired up and peppered, peppering is were you have a partner and one partner bumps it to you the other sets and the same partner that bumped hits or spikes it then you just go back and forth. As soon as we finished we all had to drop the volleyballs and sprint. As we were sprinting there was a ball that bounced off the wall and rolled right in front of me I didn't see it so I tripped it and my ankle rolled on the other side and landed on my back. I was crying in so much pain, when I fell i heard a huge Crack! My mom came running to me and she asked me what hurt, I said my ankle.

My coach looked at my ankle and said there was a huge ring around my ankle. My coach let me and my mom go to the emergency room to get an X-Ray. When we got there we signed in and they wheeled me into the X-Ray room and it took about 10 minutes. When the doctor came in she said that I broke my Growth plate in my ankle. I had to get a cast and crutches for 6 weeks, I got a navy blue cast and crutches. I wasn't the most happy about it because it was the beginning of volleyball season. When we were done we went back to the gym and had everyone sign my cast. After that we went to go get ice cream then we went home and I got to sleep in the guest bedroom down stairs because i could not go up the stairs.

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