National Youth Administration (NYA)

BY: Mariah Jensen

Why it was created.

The National Youth Administration focused on providing education and work for Americans between the ages of 16 to 25. The NYA was founded in June of 1935 and lasted until 1943.

The Person In Charge

The NYA was headed by Aubrey WIllis Williams, a liberal from Alabama. He was also an American social and civil rights activist. Aubrey was close to Harry Hopkins and Eleanor Roosevelt. Aubrey was born in Springfield, Alabama on August 23,1890.
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What the NYA did.

The National Youth Administration provided work training base on U.S. citizenship and financial need for youth between ages of 16-25. In addition of offering courses in writing, reading, and arithmetic, the NYA operated two programs: the Works Project Program to train unemployed, out of school youth. Also the Student Aid Program to provide work-study training for high school, college, and graduate students.
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Major Project & Significance

One major project that the NYA did was furnished camps for the youth that eventually turned into resident centers for participants who needed housing, particularly those from rural areas who could not travel. This foundation was significant because it gave financial help for families and provided them with jobs, like construction, public and semi-professional service, and home economics.
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