The Merging of 2 and the Building of 1 School Community

Planning Sessions

Principal Buchanan and Principal Williams are meeting weekly to plan for the merging of two amazing schools and the building of one spectacular school community. You are all a huge part of that process and we appreciate your insight and willingness to help us build the best school in the district!
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Congratulations to Ryan Osweiler! He is Hall Fletcher's new STEAM teacher. Having Mr. Ryan move to this position left an opening for the Digital Lead Teacher position at HFE. Mrs. Vickie Blankenship has moved to support HFE as their DLT. She will support both APS and HFE until the end of the school year and will move full time to the HFE Digital Lead Teacher next year. Congratulations, Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Vickie!
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Remember all the hard work we put into the preschool playground spaces and how the Montessori students advocated for additional playground equipment at APS? Well, those fun-filled pieces of equipment will be moving with us to our new spaces. We are so excited to announce that we have received approval to relocate the play equipment from APS campus to Hall Fletcher and the new preschool sites. The blacktop at HFE will be repaved this summer.

Preschool Sites

Director Susanna Smith is busy working with the district team to locate new sites for our preschool classrooms that serve our community. We will update you as soon as sites are finalized. We know you can't wait to find out!

HFE Campus Upgrades

It's EXTREME MAKEOVER come to life! We feel like there should be something new and exciting for everyone in this merger. We will keep you updated on improvements as they occur. The current project is our new STEAM Lab. Since APS had some relatively new tables and chairs, we will move those to the lab and use STEAM funds to purchase new equipment for students to create and explore. The STEAM has new carpet and will be painted soon!

More to Come...