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Freshwater food web

This food web shows the role played by invertebrates (animals without backbones), such as mayflies and stoneflies, in freshwater ecosystems. The arrows indicate what eats what. Invertebrates feed on living and dead plant matter, and on each other. Invertebrates are an important link in the food web as they convert the energy in plant and other organic matter into protein (their own bodies). This allows larger predators such as fish to live in fresh water as they feed on the invertebrates.

You can help the fresh water animals by not throwing your trash close to the fresh water are because a lot of that trash you throw away in the ground gets stuck in ponds lakes and stuff like that

There's a lot of animals living in fresh water areas and we are affecting the in manny different ways we throw trash and fishing out the fish

What roles do fresh water fish have in the food web

All the small fish get eaten by the bigger fish and the big fish get eaten by birds eagles and lots of different kind of birds that live around there